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From the Candidate’s Desk

David Blount

State Senate, District 29



Healthcare, Education, Quality of Life

David Blount represents District 29 (Hinds County including parts of Jackson, Byram, and Terry) in the Mississippi Senate. He is an 8th generation Mississippian who grew up in Hinds County. David was first elected to the State Senate in 2007. He serves as Vice Chairman of the Senate Democratic Caucus (elected by Democratic Senators) where he has been a leader for expanding Medicaid and fixing the state's corrupt and broken welfare program. As the only candidate who lives in Jackson, David has been a leader for improving and defending our capital city.

David's top priority is strengthening public education in Mississippi, and he serves as Vice Chairman of the Senate Education Committee. He helped write and pass the Winter-Reed teacher loan repayment program to help new teachers pay off their college loans. Senator Blount is long-time member of the Senate Elections Committee, where he is an advocate for increasing voter participation and helped pass campaign finance reform.

David Blount
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