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Dr. Ailean Stingley

State House of Representatives, District 72



Dr. Ailean Stingley is running for the Mississippi House of Representatives, District 72 because Mississippi is “MESSED UP.” The City of Jackson is in a state of crisis, facing public health issues from a lack of clean drinking water and crumbling infrastructure to underfunded education and crime. With all of these issues before us, Dr. Stingley believes that “WE CAN DO BETTER.”

Dr. Stingley is not your regular everyday politician. She is a homegrown, compassionate results- oriented servant leader with a history of caring for Mississippians in the healthcare , educational  and corrections arenas. With an extensive background in healthcare and ministry, she is not a professional politician but a new face, with new perspectives and ideas, ready to prioritize people over politics with a goal of moving chains to accelerate the change Mississippians need to see.

Dr. Stingley has worked as a licensed healthcare professional for 32 years. During this time, she has served her local, county, and state public health entities with over three decades of experience in  State Health Policy, Administrative Rule Development and Implementation, based on statutes enacted by the Mississippi State Legislature and the Federal Government. She has also been instrumental in enacting laws and reviewing multi-million dollar budget requests for international and national organizations, departments and committees for the sake of establishing and allocating funds for operational expenses globally.

Dr. Ailean Stingley
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